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Career Outlook

Please take a look at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Report on the career outlook for EMTs and Paramedics. This information will give you good insight regarding the EMS field, including some of the advantages and disadvantages in becoming an EMT. EMTs function as Firefighters, military personnel, extrication and rescue technicians, hospital staff, emergency dispatchers, security officers and many other professions throughout the world.

What is an EMT?

This is a short video produced by an ambulance agency in St. Louis, Missouri. We are citing the video as an information source about what it means to be an EMT. EMS University, LLC does not claim copyright or ownership of this video.

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Is becoming an EMT hard?

Some people find the EMT course to be challenging to take, but the career itself is in fact very rewarding. Sure there will be times when you are frustrated with the outcome of the patient in relation to how you followed protocols properly or what you did to try to improve their situation, but in the vast majority of cases, you will have a very positive impact on the lives of those you encounter as an Emergency Medical Technician. 

The Career of an EMS professional, isn’t just about clocking in and out and getting your hours / collecting a paycheck, it’s a way of life. You honor yourself and others in the profession when you constantly challenge yourself to be better and better from after each call. Make the most out of yourself and register to become take an EMT class!

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