The job of an EMT can give you a sense of reward that goes far beyond how much money you make doing the job. The ability to save people’s lives for a living is a reward unto itself. That is not to say, that EMTs should be paid better  — they most certainly should. But, the fact is that most people who do the job go into work every day because they care about people and they truly want to make a difference in the world. 

Be An EMT | A Reward Unto Itself?

Being an EMT can be a very enriching career with regard to prestige and self-satisfaction beyond monetary compensation, but with that being said, making a decent living is important in any career, especially if your own livelihood depends upon it. 

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics provides a snapshot of what EMTs make throughout the country and if you’re interested in reading the full report, you can see it here: BLS Report on EMTs and Paramedics.

A career as an EMT is not simply limited to being an EMT. EMTs function in a wide variety of professions in the healthcare and emergency services systems. Read more…


Our Instructors have worked in the field of EMS for many years and have served the various communities throughout Arizona most of their time in the field. Our CEO, Ruben Major, founded EMS University in 2003 with the goal of taking EMS education to a new level. Ruben having served various communities in the Phoenix metropolitan area and the Gila River Indian Community (EMS Agency), as a Paramedic and EMS Battalion Chief, has worked hard with our instructional team to integrate an educational experience that brings practical, real-life scenarios to the classroom in a unique setting that makes a better EMT. Because anyone helping others in emergency services has to have a passion for helping other people. 

If you are interested in choosing the rewarding career of being an EMT, we’ve got you covered. At EMS University, we don’t just follow the standards, we set them! Get started in your new career today as an Emergency Medical Technician.

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